Super Power Podcast S1E1: Emotional Intelligence

The super power podcast is simply a convo between friends. We seek out people who have demonstrated mastery in some way or some thing that the rest of us mere mortals are still struggling to figure out.  We realize that the people around us, our closest friends, are already master’s of their personal domains and quite frankly, pretty super by virtue of who they are and what they do naturally.  We hope the podcast will become something that inspires people to see and acknowledge the greatness they already have in and around them.

Today, we’ll be speaking with Greg Lewin, my childhood friend and all around good guy. Let’s consider this our pilot episode. We initially planned this episode as a video podcast but we had some technical difficulties. As a result, we defaulted to an audio only podcast, but unfortunately the sound quality wasn’t optimal. Despite all that, we think the convo was worth publishing. 

We’ll jump right into the conversation as Greg’s friends are sharing stories that highlight what they think his super power is. We hope you enjoy it.

Special thanks to Greg for being our guest today. Thanks also to Anthony, Erica, Kayson, Lorraine and Tamika for sharing their stories about Greg’s super power. If you like the music, go check out Jeff Kaale, on Soundcloud. This song is titled “That Day.” Remember, not all super heroes wear capes!

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"Biased people bias people. Better people better people." - David Martin