It's Litty!

Reading an entire book can seem like a big task. Not to worry, although this book has several chapters, all but one are very short. Most people will be able to read this entire book in under fifteen minutes.

Key Takeaways

Recently, I was ecstatic to discover a fun and exciting tool/writing genre (Literacy Autobiographies) that administrators can use with teachers (and teachers can use with students) to bring attention to the personal importance and impact of literacy, by exploring one's social history through their journey of becoming a reader and writer or any other mode of literacy they so choose (e.g. listening or speaking). In general these narratives call out and allow both the author and reader an incredible opportunity to think about and consider significant events that contributed to the author's development as a literate person (reader, writer, speaker, listener). This book will tell my story and hopefully inspire you to write your own.

Download the free e-book here.

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