School for Tourism and Hospitality (STH)

In 2012, I founded a career and technical high school in the poorest congressional district in the nation, lots of support from the New York City Department of Education, the community, industry partners and a dedicated and talented planning team .  I am very proud of the work we accomplished!  Take a look at the school's documercial and a few quotables from those who were there to see it happen.

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"Biased people bias people. Better people better people." - David Martin

…the greatest teacher and principal ever.
— Charmaine Barrett, Teacher
You have changed my life and how I think of school. I used to get bad grades…you have made a great impact on me!
— E.R., Student
Words can’t describe what you’ve done for me! Thank you.
— Meryem Ibrahim, School Counselor
The furthest along academically that I have ever seen any new school...
— Douglas Knecht, Vice President, Bank Street College of Education
This is exactly what I want to see when I go to schools. I wish I could make a copy of this and show it to every school that I go to for a quality review.
— Carron Staple, Superintendent, NYC Department of Education
Incredible things are happening here!
— Alex Shub, Chief Executive Officer, School Empowerment Network
A man of charm and energy, with an entrepreneurial bent….
— Ernest A. Logan, President, American Federation of School Administrators (AFSA)
…has served as a competent leader in pioneering innovative solutions to complex problems.
— Noel De La Rosa, Chief of Staff, Office of Postsecondary Readiness, NYC Department of Education
I immediately knew he would make an excellent principal…made a tremendous impact…helped to change the culture of our school at a time when such a change was needed most…fair and consistent at all times…self-motivated and very capable…
— Bennett Lieberman, Principal, Central Park East High School
…work ethics of the highest caliber…teachers under his jurisdiction are always praising him for his passion and dedication to quality education…earned an ‘A’ grade on the New York City Progress Report…one of the most outstanding, intuitive and caring individuals I ever had the pleasure to work with.
— Sana Q. Nasser, Executive Director of Field Services, Council of School Supervisors and Administrators (CSA)